US attempt to put into effect its strategy of monopoly and dominance leading the world to dangerous path: President Isaias
By Staff

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Asmara, 29 August 2007 – In an interview with the national media last night, President Isaias Afwerki underlined that the US attempt to put into effect its strategy of monopoly and dominance through fomenting confrontation among peoples is leading the world to a dangerous path.

In his extensive interview regarding Eritrea-US relations, the President noted that reference to America does not as such imply the country’s people and history but rather the force in power and the one mapping policies. He further indicated that it is important to go back in history so as to scrutinize relations between the two countries in a global and regional context. In this regard, President Isaias gave detailed historical background.

Pointing out that the United States has never supported the right of the Eritrean people to self-determination and did not extend either support or sympathy with Eritrea during the armed struggle for independence, the President underscored that in the final chapter of the Eritrean people’s struggle Washington engaged itself in so-called ‘peace initiatives’ employing acts of conspiracy and threat with a view to derailing the course of the struggle and steering it along the line of American strategy. He elaborated that this stance of the US is an outcome of its permanent policy over states of the world.

Stressing that after liberation Eritrea had exerted unremitting efforts to promote constructive engagement and foster regional cooperation by closing the chapter of severe wrongdoing and gross injustice, President Isaias stated that although such endeavors registered encouraging outcome at the initial stage, the cherished objective was nonetheless aborted due to Washington’s reversion to its outdated strategy and rallying behind the TPLF regime’s aggression against Eritrea along with its allies.

Stating that the latest developments witnessed in Eritrea- US relations emanated on the one hand from the existing situation in Somalia and connected with the Eritrean people’s steadfastness and resistance on the other, the President explained that the US demonstration of anxiety kept on escalating due to the growing opposition of the Somali people to the TPLF aggression that is basically Washington’s agenda.

President Isaias went on to underscore that if the situation is at all to really change, US Administration officials need to change their frame of thinking and put an end to their acts of adventurism, as well as weaving conspiracies to undermine our national interests.

He further called on each and every Eritrean to make his/her voice heard, especially those who live in the Untied States to say “enough is enough” to the Administration in the same manner that the Eritrean government is striving to do so. The President also congratulated them for their steadfastness as verified by the US Administration’s move.
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